Dibs Program on Facebook

 Early in our business we found people wanted cards we posted on social media so we created the "Dibs" program.  The general outline is club members and dib lot holders can call "dibs" on cards posted and the first eligible person to call it gets it in their lot.  We post dibs on our Facebook page and all cards available to call start the posting with the word "DIBS"

All our awesome subscribers get 1 free dib every month that is ADDED to your club for each club you own.After the free dib any other cards you dib replace cards in your lot.  Example: If you are subscribed to our In The Hole Club for 20 cards each month, you can dib 1 free to make your lot 21 cards then any else you dib replaces cards that would have been in the lot.  Club members that are subscribed to our Hits or Pack clubs are welcome to dib their 1 free each month to get a bonus card in their lot.  The only limit on dibs is the cards in your subscription. If your Facebook name is different from your customer name please tell us when you post "dibs."  We check the names against our customer list before awarding!  Gift recipients don't show up on our customer list. Thanks and happy dibbing!  



Check our Facebook Page for our Weekly Subscriber Giveaway!

Every Monday night we post an awesome card to be given away to one lucky subscriber!  All our subscribers are entered every week and we use random.org to drawn winner each Sunday.  Sunday night we post the winner and the card is put in their next outgoing club!   

We hold additional giveaways and all our members are notified when they are happening!



Check out our Blog for box & pack breaks and other cool content

You can read through our blog and check out cards we pull from box breaks.  This can give you a sneak peak at upcoming cards in the dibs programs and other stuff we put for sale in our Ebay Store! 




When is my subscription billed & When will I receive Subscription?

Your initial order is billed immediately at checkout.  Monthly clubs are renewed the 1st of every month and weekly clubs are renewed every Saturday.Monthly Clubs ship the third week of each month on or just after the 22nd with the 21st being the cutoff.  Weekly Clubs ship on or around Wednesday each week.Example:  Subscribe (and pay) on July 15th,  your first lot will ship around July 22nd. Then you you will be billed the first of every month starting in August and your cards will again ship around the 22nd. If you subscribe July 25th your first lot will ship August 22nd. Then you will be billed every month on the first starting in September. 

What will I receive in my Club?

Each club is different.  When you select your club from the subscription page you will see the features for the club including pack, hits, years, etc.  Most often we are asked if the card clubs have cards from the 80's & 90's.  No we don't put these commons in any of the card lots.  The majority off all cards will be from recent years back through 2000.  Some clubs feature cards from the 50's-70's as well.

Can I change my club?

Yes! In your customer login screen you can change your subscription.  You have the option at any time but it doesn't take effect until your next renewal.   We have customers that change their favorite team in certain clubs each month as well.  You also can shoot us an email and we can change it for you.

Are your pack lots all hobby or retail packs?

They are both.  We try to give as many hobby packs as possible but it will be a mix of brands, years, and product types.

How do you ship your lots?

It depends on the size of your lot, additional purchases, and number of subscriptions but most lots ship in a padded mailer, inside an additional bubble bag.  We ship USPS and when your lot ships you will receive a notification email with tracking number.

What if my lot is damaged or lost in transit?

Shoot us an email and we will immediately work to remedy the situation.  You can reach us at  jeff@baseballcardsofthemonthclub.com.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope you don't! But if you would like to cancel please shoot us an email and we will immediately cancel and you will receive a email notification.  It is a no-hassle subscription so you are free to cancel anytime.  You also have the option to log in and "skip a month" if you would prefer not to cancel but would like skip a month for any reason.  You also have the option to cancel your subscription online when logged in.

I have more questions- Help!

Shoot us an email at jeff@baseballcardsofthemonthclub.com We will be happy to answer any additional questions.  Thanks for your interest in BCOTMC!